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Chapter 2 Bus Trip

  • Salana's P. O. V
  • Bonny, Troy, Ohio, Florida, Torry, and I are already sitting on the seats of the bus that we rent for the trip to Mount Sinukuan. Bonny is next to me in the seats, Torry is next to Troy, and Florida is next to Ohio.
  • "Hey, what happened to your aunty yesterday, Lana?" Bonny asked. I looked at him and smiled. "Nothing happened. When I came to my house, I saw her waiting outside, so she scolded me. But, when we entered the house, she went straight to mom's room and slept tightly until now, she did not awake." I answered. Bonny chuckled.
  • "Your auntie is quite a badass haha," Florida said. I just giggled and laughed gradually. "Yeah, my auntie became like that when she broke up with her boyfriend. You know, she's the one who decided to break up with her boyfriend, and now she's the one who suffered the most. Haist." I sighed.
  • "By the way, Lana. Why did you always reject Justine? You know, Justine is handsome, hot, genius, and popular man in our school," Torry said. I just raised my shoulder and breathe in and out it deeply. "That's because, I really treasure our friendship. Bonny knows my number one rules in my friends, and that is I swore not to fall in love, or have a special relationship to my trusted friends." I explained. Bonny closer his eyes and nodded.
  • "We're here, ma'am and sir," The bus driver named Uncle Mariano said. Then, he stopped the bus where the folks at the base of Sinukuan Mountain were, and we saw a very majestic view of Mount Sinukuan here.
  • "Uncle, is it really necessary to ask for permission from the locals here?" Troy asked Uncle Mariano. So, he looked at us and nodded. "Yes sir, you really need to ask for permission from the locals, especially Apo Ambong who is said to be blessed and can speak to Mariang Sinukuan - The Goddess of the mountain." Uncle Mariano said. So, we stood up and grabbed our own belongings.
  • "Guys, be polite. Don't be rude to the locals, uh?" I said. All of them chuckled and looked at me with a smirk on their lips. "Gezzz, we're not that troublesome person, Lana." Torry  replied. I just gave them an awkward smile and continued to walk outside the bus.
  • When we finally got off the bus, an old man with a cane and a lot of people on his back in the distance walked towards our place. When he came near us, he stopped and stamped his cane with a lot of power.
  • "Go no further, you need to back off now. The Goddess Sinukwan doesn't want the six of you to enter and climb to her domain," The old man said, and it made us stunned. "W-Wait, who are you?" Ohio asked. The people on his back growled a bit.
  • "You unrespectful brat! The man in front of you is Apo Ambong," One of the people on the old man's back said. So, we were all shocked by that.
  • "Oh, I'm so sorry Apo Ambong for the unrespectable action of my friend," I said, apologizing to Apo Ambong. The old man looked at me furiously. "I won't forgive him! Back off now!" Apo Ambong shouted, and it made me feel scared. So, I turn back and drag my friends' wrist.
  • "We need to go now, we need to respect Apo Ambong's decision," I said. So, they just go with me.
  • "Keep safe, Lana..." I heard Apo Ambong whisper. So, I stopped and looked curiously at Apo Ambong. I just sighed deeply after, and continued to walk towards our bus.
  • "Lana, why don't we need to follow that fucking old man?" Torry asked. I glared at her, that made her swallow her saliva that drew on her throat. "Please, we need to respect Apo Ambo's decision. Maybe it is a sign that something bad will happen to us when we climb that mountain." I explained that it made them silent. When we got back to our seats inside the bus, Bonny sat angrily.
  • "Damn it! All of my plans were ruined!" Bonny yelled, and it made others react violently, which is so suspicious. "Hey, did anyone keep a secret from me?" I asked in a piss-off tone. Their eyes became agitated.
  • "Uhmmm... I-It's nothing, w-we just planned to g-go to the peak o-of the mountain t-to see more a-about the paranormal activity there," Bonny said, stuttering. I just sighed and sat gently in my seat. "Hays, okay-okay. If you don't want to tell that secret to me, I understand. I trust you, guys. Whatever that secret is, I won't tamper with it anymore." I said. Then, I leaned on the backrest of my seat, and I closed my eyes after. I can't hear any noise anymore, maybe they also took a nap. I heard Uncle Mariano started the bus. So, I cleared whatever was bothering me, and it caused me to fall asleep fast...
  • ...
  • "Lana, hey wake up... Lana!" I heard the voice of Bonny trying to wake me up. So, I gradually opened my eyes.
  • "What?" I asked while rubbing my eyes. "We are going to climb Mount Sinukwan now." He said. So, I stood up because of the shock.
  • "Are you out of your mind?! Apo Ambong just gave us a warning a while ago!" I shouted angrily. They just ignored me and went outside the bus. "If you don't want to come, then don't. Bye, Lana." Bonny said. So, I hissed and just followed them outside the bus. When I came outside, they were all smiling.
  • "Nice, I thought you wouldn't come," Bonny said. I just raised my right eyebrow to him, then I started to look around. "Wait, this is not the place where we came a while ago, uh? Also, I thought the bus left at the village at the base of Mount Sinukwan?" I asked.
  • Troy tapped my shoulder and said, "As Uncle Mariano saw our desperation to climb the mountain, he decided to take us here - to the back of the mountain where there's no one living."
  • "Thank me later, ma'am." Uncle Mariano said. So, I looked at him with a boring look.
  • "Enough for the chit-chats. Let's start walking and climb after!" Bonny shouted and led the walk. So, we just followed him. Gezzz, I feel really nervous about this.
  • ...