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Chapter 19 Menudo

  • Salana's P. O. V
  • After Gwen kissed Aarde, a big golden magic circle with a seal of a dragon appeared at the top of them, which made me gaped in wonder.
  • "Yerriminom pompti aluzgustum.... Arteroo avcu gkifipol!" Gwen shouted. Then, a golden light released from the body of Aarde, then a golden crystal was made. After that, Gwen grabbed it and ended the spell. Afterwards, he walked towards me with a smile on his face.
  • "What is the result, Gwen?" I asked. Gwen grabbed my hand and handed me the golden crystal. "It's confirmed, Lana. Aarde is a pure Dragonite. Here is his Dragon Crystal, you can sell it for the two of you to be able to sign each other." Gwen explained. I jumped out because of happiness and ran towards Aarde and hugged him so tight.
  • "M-Mother, I-I can't breathe," Aarde whispered, stuttering. So, I freed him. "Sorry, Aarde. I'm just carried away by the result. Jezzz, I can't expect that a Pluviophile like me can have a very strong familiar!" I exclaimed. Aarde just smiled sweetly. Then, I looked around to face Gwen.
  • "Thank you, you're gonna be my very first best friend, Gwen. Sorry if I pushed you a while ago," I said, thanking her. He just shook her head on the left side and thumbs up. "Don't mention it, I know you have a reason why you did that to me. But anyway, it's already mid night and we still can't eat." Gwen said, while smiling awkwardly. I just scratched my nape and turned around to the kitchen.
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