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Chapter 12 The Only One

  • Salana's P. O. V
  • "You know that hurting your co-contestant is prohibited! We will report the two of you!" The girl with a blue hair shouted. Cassy and Jessa just laughed evilly. "And who do you think you are? No one will trust a word to the former nobles who convicted from steeling money to the Kingdom's funds." Jessa said while laughing. I looked at the four, and I saw them looking awkwardly at me. So, I stood up and slapped Jessa.
  • "Even if they did something wrong, you still don't have the power to insulted them. Sometimes, people has been convicted for the sin that they haven't done," I said. Then, I felt Cassy planning to slapped me. So, I blocked it immediately. Then, I slapped her after.
  • "You filthy Pluviophile!" Jessa shouted, then he activated her sharp claw again and planned to stabbed me.
  • "Pluviophile: Mantle Bubble Balloon!" I shouted. Then, her claws cuts off when touched my Mantle Bubble Balloon.
  • "W-What happened?!" Cassy asked. Jessa just looked so confuse to Jessa. "I-I don't know sis, i-i'ts impossible for the Pluviophile to cuts my claws." Jessa answered, which made me laughed.
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