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Chapter 10 Kasakstan

  • Salana's P. O. V
  • The furious footsteps are became loud and loud, until a baby earth dragon appeared with a smile on its face.
  • "Ounguo!" He growled. Then, he ran around me and licked my while face, which means the baby earth dragon think that I am its mother.
  • "Okay baby, if you think I am your mother. I will adopt you, please help me to win this round,uh?" I said. So, he grabbed me using its hands and put me at the top of its head. "As you are my son now, I will give you a name! And you your name will be Aarde!" I exclaimed. Aarde growl happily. So, I pet it. He brought me inside the cave, which I saw its horn glowed like a lamp in the dark. I jumped in excitement as I don't need to consume a mana to do some Ligh-Related Philè of my Philè. I pet Aarde, which made him to smile broadly.
  • "Okay, just rest and sleep a bit. I still have something to do," I said. So, Aarde nodded, it seems like it understand what Is said. Then, Aarde sat and closed his eyes. After that, I started to create a lot of holes. Then, I used my Philè to create a very sharp and big ice nails. After that, I planted the ice nails inside the holes. And, I used Philè to create a thin layer of ice, and I covered the hole that has a nail inside using the thin layer of ice. Then, I use the mud inside this cave to camouflage my traps. After that, I lean my back to Aarde and closed my eyes.
  • "I hope this traps will work in this world," I said. The traps I made are called Punji Sticks Traps that use in the wars many years ago in mortal world.
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