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Chapter 59 -Out of the Ashes Love is Born

  • " How is she, Your Majesty?"
  • Lord Jared carefully asked when Ruen finally exited his private cabin. He looked distressed and exhausted, wrinkles and a hard frown marring his handsome face.
  • It had been five hours since they left the port of Olga, sailing back to Regaleria on the royal ship in the middle of the night.
  • Traveling back to Regaleria as soon as possible was the best thing to do for mainly two reasons. One was that it was safer for the princess to be as far away from the cave as possible while the blood moon was still high and second, for the King's sake, so that he wouldn't burn the entire city down because of his raging anger.
  • " She's still sleeping, " Ruen answered plainly, but he had a tense look on his face.
  • " Do you need anything, Your Majesty?Coffee perhaps?" Jared offered knowing the King would probably pull out an all-nighter this evening, making sure he would be awake when the princess finally opens her eyes.
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