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Chapter 58 -Yearning of Heaven's Miracle

  • Father Oveido moved closer to her, his gait uneven without the aid of his staff. Lianne felt hopeless with what was now an imminent threat, but she knew she wasn't powerless. She had to fight for her freedom, and fight she will.
  • She kicked her feet hard when the priest stood a couple of inches from her. She was able to hit his left knee, instantly sending a jolt of pain all over his leg. He winced in the pain but he smiled briefly and said, " You think this would deter me from doing what I must do?Struggle as much as you want, princess. "
  • " You stay away from me!" she threatened, gnashing her teeth in anger.
  • " I don't think that will happen, " he answered and then went behind the sofa.
  • This time, Lianne wasn't able to anticipate or even see what he was about to do next, but it was certainly clearer when she noticed the blade of the dagger drawn close to her chest.
  • " No!" she cried out loud in bone-chilling fear. Her eyes widened briefly and then she closed it tightly feeling the sharp lacerating pain on her chest, just below her clavicle.
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