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Chapter 52 -A Most Wondrous Morning

  • " You look pissed. "
  • The hooded man expressed as he stood in the partially opened door of the stable. Half of his body was hidden under the shadows, half was seen under the moonlight. Cain was hastily walking towards the door of the stable that he didn't notice the man already waiting for him.
  • " You. Why are you here?" Cain asked dryly. His brows arched and his face cringed at the sight of the unwanted visitor.
  • " I thought as much that you would come here sooner or later considering Princess Lianne's recent leave, " was the man's cold reply, as cold as the night air around them. A sardonic smile surfaced from his visage knowing full well Cain was in a hurry.
  • The general lightly budged the portal to open and stepped foot inside. " I don't have the time to talk to you right now priest, so if you could do so, please be fast. "
  • " Why such in a hurry?" the hooded man exclaimed. " It's not like you can still catch the princess in the road at this time. "
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