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Chapter 46 -In The Forest

  • The path they took was a long and arduous one. They passed some uphills and downhills until they reached the center of the forest about fifteen minutes later. Lianne was stupefied by the sight of nature along the way.
  • The landscapes of the mountains that were towering up to the heavens, the enormous trees that covered the forest floor and the peacefulness of the forest itself were all wonders for her to behold.
  • They stopped near a riverbank, descend on ground and secured the horses by tying the reins up around a sturdy tree. Present now was only her, Lord Cain and two other generals.
  • It seemed that the other groups weren't able to catch up with their fast pace.
  • It was a good progress however. In a hunting competition, the man that kills the most number of animals shall be named the winner. What better way to win than to separate with the group and scatter throughout the forest floor.
  • " You go on hunting. I will just stay here, Cain. " Lianne offered first as he assisted her down his stallion.
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