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Chapter 37 -Trapped In His Arms

  • The water trickled down Ruen's hair to his torso as he took a refreshing shower to cleanse his thoughts.
  • It would have been one good way to relieve his stress, but every time he watched the water run down his skin, it reminded him constantly of how the liquid would mold well with Lianne's body.
  • It would seem that the water was luckier than he was for it could touch her and feel her without qualm.
  • " Lianne. . . " Ruen murmured in desperation as he closed his eyes and recollected his thoughts to that last kiss they shared.
  • It ached his heart somehow knowing he would never see her again.
  • Would she be angry if he would come looking for her then?Would she be angry if he were to find her and have her lock up inside the castle?
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