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Chapter 36 -Prelude to Their Meeting

  • Early morning of the third day since the entourage's departure, Lianne was already feeling anxious for the next day of which she knew the entourage would arrive, but she was oblivious of the prince's subsequent premature arrival on this very day.
  • She knew if she would remain in her room or within the vicinity of the mansion, then she'd feel more uneasy, so she once again went to ride on her horse back to town.
  • She passed through the forest in the north side and took a basket of apples on her way.
  • The town was livelier than it was two days ago and many of the stores were open for business now.
  • There were horsemen riding on the streets and carriages passing to and from the market place.
  • A group of children and adolescents were running and jumping at the sides of the road as she passed by looking like they were happily playing some kind of game.
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