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Chapter 13 -Behold He Who Returns

  • Their ride back to the Regaleria mansion was a silent one.
  • Lady Faye had already suspicions of what had occurred during Cain's time with the princess and it surely was unacceptable.
  • Though the two oil lamps had produced a low light, Lady Faye could see the worry in Lianne's eyes. She had been looking at the darkness of the road outside the small stained window since they left Soulisse, looking obviously distressed.
  • Her hands were clasped together resting on her lap, but Lady Faye could clearly see it trembling. She was greatly concerned on her.
  • She remembered the princess'hair neatly tied to the back before they left the Regaleria mansion. Now, it was a bit tousled to the sides, making her curls covering partially her neck-the neck that no doubt housed the kissmark Cain had created.
  • She waited for a few minutes hoping that Lianne would initiate a talk, but she got none.
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