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Chapter 12 -In Which She Becomes Confused

  • " Where are we going, my Lord?"
  • Lianne asked as she was led by Cain onto the hallway that interconnected the ballroom.
  • He was holding her hands firmly so she couldn't go back to the party where Lady Faye was. It seemed that he was successful on keeping the princess on this part of the mansion without Lady Faye knowing, and he was damned going to do the best out of this advantage.
  • " I have something to show you, Lianne, " Cain plainly replied as he glanced briefly at the princess observing the calmness that she was showing. " I'm sure you would definitely be excited. "
  • " But Lady Faye, she's-"
  • " Shhhh. . . " Cain cut off. " Let her have fun in the party, Princess. Being a head governess is surely not an easy task. "
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