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Chapter 10 -The First Invitation

  • The new general had instantaneously made a mark and earned the respects of the soldiers that once were his father's troops and without a doubt, Cain became a favorite general of the Regaleria Kingdom owing to his looks, skills and the fact that he was younger than the other generals of King Garlow.
  • Quickly, he became the front liner of the regiment and the head of battle strategies and command. No one would dare object such decision though, for the other generals themselves admitted that Cain truly was one skillful warrior in battle. He ultimately became the major general of the group in just a span of eight months.
  • Being this much popular had busied him every day but what somehow kept his time more was the one command Garlow had specifically assigned for him to do and it was the re-excavation of the cave in the City of Olga;the very cave his father died in. If it wasn't because of this particular order, he would have been in the Soulisse Mansion hosting a party for his many great success.
  • The princess was in the second floor of the library one evening when she heard footsteps downstairs. Peeking at the glass balustrade, she found Lady Faye finishing up a setup of white cake lighted with twenty-four tiny candle sticks and a red sparkling wine. With those immediately in sight, she remembered that it was actually her twenty-fourth birthday.
  • " Happy birthday, Princess Lianne, " Lady Faye greeted as she glanced up at her leaning on the iron railing. She saw the princess'face lit up with joy as she began to scurry down the winding stairs towards the first floor.
  • " Lady Faye!Really, you shouldn't have bothered to prepare all of this!" Lianne stated as she smiled sweetly and hugged the old woman. " But anyway, thank you. Even I myself had forgotten what today is, but you. . . wow, you never once did. "
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