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Chapter 8

  • “King of vampires, your bloodsuckers are scaring my demons. They are too frightened now to do any work in the human realm.” Caius, the demons king, teased Lucius.
  • The vampire king glared at him then flashed his fangs. “My people did nothing and the order officially cleared us.” I rubbed my temples and gritted my teeth.
  • This was too fucking much. I didn’t want any of those assholes here, but it was a tradition to have them for the sanguis lunae pars.
  • It was the night when the goddess has created the first Lycan and made him the absolute ruler, so they needed to pledge their loyalty to me.
  • They must acknowledge my dominance. A rule of the goddess, not mine.
  • “Enough Caius, I don't know why you enjoy taunting him. If you two need to fuck or something, just do it and be done with it.” Augustus, the wizard king, said, making Blaise thunder with laughter.
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