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Chapter 6

  • I walked to the shower to wash all the blood and grime off of me. This morning I woke up on my balcony, body scratched and drenched in blood.
  • I leaned on the black tiles and closed my eyes. The lukewarm water irritated my open, sensitive back, but I clenched my teeth and endured it.
  • I looked down and saw the dirty water drain. I almost heaved when I saw a piece of fur and something that resembled an animal's hove struggling to wash away.
  • That asshole monster had enjoyed his time yesterday and now slept contently inside my head and here I am, the one who was cleaning his mess.
  • I tried to remember anything from the night before, but I couldn't. All I get always was bits and pieces of foggy memories.
  • I growled in annoyance and used my claws to scrub my hair with some shampoo. By the time I was wrapping a towel around my waist, there was a soft knock on the door.
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