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Chapter 12

  • I tossed and turned, trying to get comfortable on the bed, but with no luck. My ear was ringing and I was still shaken by what happened today.
  • No one offered me any explanation, and Lina gave some half assed excuse. I didn’t call her out for it and chose to pretend that she was telling the truth and I was totally convinced.
  • Since coming here and every day something weird happens, making me question my sanity. This place is different and since day one I was faced with situations, I couldn’t understand.
  • Lina was very vague about it and was lying. I’m sure because I know her lying face and how it looked.
  • I huffed after two more minutes and pushed the silk quilt away. It was getting hotter even though I can feel the chilly breeze coming from the open balcony.
  • Maybe it was because of stress or anxiety. I don’t know, but I have had these hot flashes each night now for three days.
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