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Cassius the supreme alpha king (Beasts of the night book 1)

Cassius the supreme alpha king (Beasts of the night book 1)

Bebo Elnadi

Update: 2022-01-11

Chapter 1 Prologue

  • Thousands of years ago, there was a powerful king. He fell in love
  • with his beautiful maid.
  • He chose to be with her, even though he knew that dream was hard to
  • be true.
  • He was fascinated by her beauty, she enchanted him indeed.
  • So that's why he decided to have her, she's all he needs.
  • Days have passed and they lived in bliss,
  • Their love grew, it was hard to miss.
  • But one day, the king found her ill,
  • His heart broke, but saving her, he will.
  • He tried as he might, but no one knew how to help.
  • The king was furious; he has to save his true love. Without her,
  • life would be a living hell.
  • "Sorry your highness, it's no use."
  • Those three words, made hell break loose.
  • The king thought “How do those peasants dare.”
  • I'll do anything to save her, I don't care.
  • So he prayed to the gods to save his love, every night and day.
  • But days have passed by, and there was nothing else to say.
  • When he was about to lose hope,
  • The moon goddess answered his plea.
  • “I'll save her on one condition; you have to give me something in
  • return.”
  • The king didn't hesitate “I’ll do anything even if my heart would
  • be torn.”
  • “I hope you know what you are doing, Does she worth this all?”
  • “I can't live without her, she's my soul.”
  • “Ok, I'll save her for you, but in return, I'll change your form.
  • I'll choose an animal that will be the new you. You will be in his form until
  • your love accepts you. If not, that would be you forever. "
  • The king just smiled and said "I'll do it. I trust our love.
  • Betraying me, she will never. "
  • The moon goddess started to chant her spell,
  • So the king's love won't be longer ill.
  • The king started to feel the changes,
  • So quickly he went to his love champers.
  • She opened her eyes and weakly smiled,
  • The king is here she was happy to find.
  • But suddenly he began to change. A huge beast took his face,
  • Long towering over her, something came in his place.
  • The maid screamed “Stay away from me you beast.”
  • “My love don't be scared it's Me.” 
  • He raised his hand to comfort her.
  • “Don’t touch me, I don't know you.” The girl shrieked in despair.
  • The beast's eyes started to water, how could this happen? It is
  • still me, can't you see?
  • But the girl's disgusted glares were sharper than swords. They have
  • made wounds that would never heal.
  • The beast ran away howling in agony,
  • He wanted to die, that was all he thought.
  • The moon goddess knew that this would happen.
  • For the king's broken heart, she felt sorry.
  • She approached him, and held his face in her hands then wiped his
  • tears.
  • “Don’t worry; I'll destroy all of your fears.”
  • The king just looked at her with eyes that are lifeless.
  • The moon goddess gasped, they were soulless.
  • “I can't take it back, but I'll help you. Because you deserve
  • better my loyal lord. I'm going to give you a soulmate that won't hurt you,
  • that will accept who you are. But every full moon your beast will be here. But
  • you won't be near, that will be the other true you.”
  • And that's the real story of the beauty and the beast.