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Chapter 42 Izanami and Red Dragon

  • The first great war on Earth took place millions of years ago when the warrio_rincess, Izanami, fought Red Dragon, the rapacious prince of the west.
  • With her army following behind, Izanami ran all the way across the land o_odo to fight Red Dragon. Izanami finally cornered and defeated Red Dragon i_ battle that lasted for years and destroyed a third of their kingdom.
  • Izanami had a secret known only a few of her most trusted officers. Izanam_idn't defeat Red Dragon because she was a cleverer tactician or a stronge_arrior. Izanami won because she was insane.
  • She came to the battle field in a heavy cloak, under which she was wrapped i_hains. As she entered the battle-field, she looked small and lost. It wa_nly when she was released from all her heavy restraints that the full powe_f her madness was brought down on Red Dragon. Izanami won the battle b_xploding a volcano in the Khumbu Mountains. The lava and ash almost destroye_he world, but killed Red Dragon and his army first.
  • Izanami was the first hero on Earth, though few have ever heard of he_istoric combat. Her story remains popular with her people, but even amon_cholars across the three Spheres, Izanami's story is obscure.
  • The Nio, Izanami's people, were smoke wraiths. The entire epic war betwee_zanami and Red Dragon lasted no longer than the span of a human breath—bu_or the Nio, that breath was a lifetime. And that was Izanami's other secret.
  • She knew how insignificant her people and their victory were in the universe.
  • Its insignificance made the victory seem all the sweeter to Izanami, provin_nce again that the logic of Tricksters and the enlightened are hard to tel_part.