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Chapter 99 An Unusual Relationship

  • Annalise continued to probe. “Is it because I'm your wife? Is there no other reason?”
  • “What other reason do you want?” Claudio did not know what kind of answer Annalise was looking for.
  • When Annalise heard that, her smile faded slightly. “All right, I'll go and take a bath now. Thank you for what you've done for me today.”
  • Claudio regarded her with a puzzled expression as she walked away. She looked so happy at the beginning, but for some reason, her mood had suddenly changed. And now she had even made up an excuse to leave.
  • Claudio was left standing in the bedroom, wondering if he had said anything wrong.
  • Annalise looked at herself in the mirror as she entered the bathroom. She could not help but feel a little disappointed.
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