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Chapter 71 His Plan

  • It was part of Claudio's plan when he was educating Lucas.
  • Lucas was in high school when he developed his own thoughts and also new ideas around money. In order to train Lucas, Claudio brought Lucas along on one of his work trips to a casino city.
  • When Lucas saw the table filled with casino chips that night, he got scared and clung onto Claudio's hand.
  • With a wave of his hand, Claudio filled the atmosphere with his classiness. When the table had a mountain of money and was ready for play, Lucas pulled Claudio away from there. That was the first time Lucas was not afraid of Claudio but spoke to him righteously about how gambling was not good.
  • After that, Claudio led Lucas out of the casino with one hand on the back of his head. Ever since then, no other gamble managed to interest Lucas at all.
  • Upon hearing Claudio's explanation, the other three people in the study had identical expressions of shock.
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