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Chapter 67 An Interlude

  • Ten minutes later, Annalise was still hesitating in the bathroom as she was too embarrassed to face Claudio.
  • Speaking of the devil, Claudio knocked on the door just as she was deep in thought. “Are you done? To avoid accidents, we should leave right when you're done washing up. We won't be having breakfast at home, so I'll take you to a restaurant.”
  • “I-I'm done.”
  • Annalise turned on the tap and washed her face with water before walking out of the bathroom.
  • When Claudio noticed the water droplets on her face, he went into the bathroom and grabbed a facial tissue to wipe her face dry.
  • His gesture stunned Annalise, who thought, I'm doomed! Claudio must have been eaten by a monster! This Claudio is fake!
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