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Chapter 64 Say That Again

  • Raising her fist, Annalise knocked Lucas on his forehead. “Would it kill you to lower your voice?”
  • Claudio lifted his blanket and got out of his bed. It was time to teach his nephew a lesson.
  • Lucas totally forgot about his plan to apologize to Annalise as he stared at the couple in surprise. “I thought you've long become my uncle's woman. Apparently, you're still a- Ah! Uncle Claudio, please spare me.”
  • Claudio grabbed Lucas by the ear and twisted it until it turned red. “Apparently, your aunt is still a what?”
  • Lucas answered instantly, “An innocent virgin. Ahh! Uncle Claudio, my ear is falling off!”
  • With a stern look on his face, Claudio commanded, “Say it one more time. Your aunt is still a what?”
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