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Chapter 54 Time To Leave

  • When Aryana went back to her room, she quickly woke Markus up. “Darling, what did you mean last time when you said Roselle tricked me?”
  • Markus put on his glasses and propped himself up on his elbows as he asked, “What time is it now? Why are you still up?”
  • Aryana urged, “Darling, wake up! Explain to me. Why did you say that Roselle tricked me?”
  • Left with no choice, Markus sat up and looked at his wife. “I can't believe you still can't figure it out. Roselle likes Claudio, but Claudio married Annalise. That means Annalise is her love rival now. On top of that, the Jundt family doesn't welcome Roselle. Since she can't enter our house, she could only use you and make you pick on Annalise. That way, our family would keep getting in conflicts and end up disliking Annalise. When that happens, Roselle would have the opportunity to replace Annalise. I thought you always like reading those gossip news. Why can't you figure this out?”
  • “Then how are you so sure that Annalise doesn't want to become the lady of the house?” Aryana questioned.
  • “She was forced to marry Claudio. Do you know why Annalise went against you that day? Everyone has their soft spot, and Annalise's soft spot is her parents. Dad threatened her using her family and forced her to marry Claudio. Otherwise, why would she want to marry a guy that she had never seen before? She didn't even want to marry him, much less become the Jundt family's mistress. It's just an empty title anyway. I think you fell for Roselle's trap because you care about your reputation too much.”
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