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Chapter 39 Self-Defense Is Not Against The Law

  • Back then, Molly had felt indignant for Annalise and wanted to speak up for her. However, Annalise had stopped her from doing so. “You might jeopardize your mother's business in this case. My family's business is still under the Jundt family's control. I don't want your mother to be the next victim!” Annalise had persuaded.
  • Yet, as time passed after the wedding, Molly's house had turned into Annalise's sanctuary.
  • Annalise spent two hours walking to the Sullivan residence. The moment Molly opened the door for her, Annalise broke into tears. “Molly, can I stay with you for the night?”
  • “Make yourself at home! You can stay for an eternity if you want to!” Molly responded with care.
  • She then led Annalise into her house and asked, “What's wrong, Anna? Did the Jundt family bully you again?”
  • Annalise nodded her head, then shook it again.
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