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Chapter 38 Overprotective Brother

  • “I will not ask for more details, Mr. Jundt.” Despite saying so, the reason why Claudio wanted to purchase a house still intrigued the assistant. A moment later, he questioned again, “Mr. Jundt, may I know your preference for the real estate? Any requirement for the number of rooms? Do you want a mansion or a bungalow? Is it going to be an investment or a personal lodging? Any limitations in terms of the location and the budget?”
  • Claudio grabbed the phone tightly while he uttered in a deep voice, “Were you a real estate agent?”
  • The assistant grew terrified and explained, “No! I swear what I wrote on my resume is real! It is my first time purchasing real estate on your behalf. So, I have to make things clear.”
  • Claudio remarked impatiently, “I want a mansion for personal lodging. Preferably in the suburban area. No limitation on budget.”
  • “All right. I will look around according to your preferences, Mr. Jundt,” the assistant replied promptly.
  • After hanging up the phone, Claudio turned around and went upstairs.
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