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Chapter 34 The Cause Of The Problem

  • Determination filled Aryana's eyes. “I won't.” She scoffed, “How dare a new daughter-in-law see herself as the lady of the house right after her marriage? You're right, Roselle. I'll never forgive her so easily.”
  • “I'll give you my support forever, Aryana.”
  • Just then, the housekeeper knocked on the door. “Ms. Tallinger, Mr. Jundt is here to pick you up.”
  • “Darling!” Aryana shrieked in surprise. Just as she leaped off the bed and was about to exit the room, Roselle tugged at Aryana's arm, saying, “Aryana, why don't you stay here for the night? We must talk about this properly. I think you should tell Markus you won't allow yourself to be mistreated.”
  • Aryana wanted to stay. However, when she thought about how her husband had come to pick her up personally, she decided she still had to meet him. After all, this was not their house, and a man's pride had to be respected.
  • She responded, “I will meet him briefly and tell him about my decision.”
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