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Chapter 33 Being Used

  • Though her words sounded harmless, Roselle knew they had already pierced through Aryana's heart.
  • In the meantime, at the Guiver residence, Annalise had finished watching the entire footage/ She handed the phone back to Claudio. “Although she didn't scold my parents, I'll never forget her cold and resentful glares toward me. I don't regret fighting her, because I believe I'm not wrong.”
  • “I'm not saying you made a mistake. It's logical to want to protect your parents, but—”
  • “No buts.” Annalise cut Claudio off before he could even finish his sentence.
  • She decided to go all out, glaring furiously at Claudio and saying, “If you mess with my family, I'll fight with you too.”
  • “Pfft!” Claudio burst into laughter and pointed in her face. “You? That's some confidence.”
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