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Chapter 142 There Must Be A Reason

  • Oh? So, she's still angry at me for being too harsh toward my employee? Claudio thought to himself.
  • Annalise wasn't afraid of Claudio; She would undoubtedly fight him if he dared to lay a finger on her.
  • Being the simple-minded person she was, she went on with utter confidence, “If I said that you were my husband, then everyone would find out that I married an inhumane man with a horrible temper.”
  • Claudio was speechless. She's going back to calling me inhumane?
  • “Since you want to be like that, I'll let you have a taste of your own medicine and find out what it feels like to be humiliated,” Annalise added.
  • She had intentionally said Claudio was her uncle earlier as revenge. It was also her way of teasing him for robbing the cradle by marrying a much younger woman like herself.
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