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Chapter 128 Who Gets To Stay

  • Dominic nodded. His daughter-in-law's words flowed into his heart like the gentle stream of a river.
  • Staring at Annalise's face, he could roughly understand why that person wanted her to be betrothed to his second son.
  • Claudio came back for a while before going out again. When he returned once more, there was a flask of hot water in his hands.
  • The man walked over to the bed and poured a glass for his father. “The doctor advised you to drink more hot water. One more round of intravenous therapy tomorrow, and you can be discharged on the day after. This time, you have to refrain from eating certain foods. You're not young anymore; your body isn't as strong as these two kids. Anna and Luca can eat and drink whatever they like because they're still young and healthy. You know your digestion isn't all that good. In the end, you'll be the one suffering.”
  • Despite his harsh tone of rebuke, one could still hear the concern in his words.
  • He placed the glass of hot water aside, waiting for it to cool down so that he could remind his father to partake of it.
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