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Chapter 101 Give It Up

  • Later, when they saw Annalise's looks, she started gaining fame in her freshman year. She was an architecture major and tacitly approved as the most beautiful girl in the department.
  • Roxanne was not too bothered since the architecture major had a higher male to female ratio, so there was no competition for Annalise to become the belle.
  • However, Annalise had now gained the title of campus belle even if she did not register in the contest. Roxanne lost to her by a whopping three thousand plus votes. The result made her immensely jealous, and that was why she bribed a doctor to make Annalise look bad.
  • However, she did not expect herself to be the victim of her own plot.
  • Because of the incident, she fell from second place to the fourth, then tenth, and finally dropped out of the contest entirely.
  • Feeling helpless, Roxanne went to the Tallinger residence in tears to ask her cousin, Roselle, for assistance.
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