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  • That are dark brown. The walls, ceiling and flooring are all light wood. And cosy throw blankets are everywhere. There is a huge window on the a long way wall with a stunning view of the water. To the left is the dinning room with a giant dinning room desk that can suit perhaps sixteen people. A large antler chandelier hangs from the ceiling . To the suitable of the dinning room is the kitchen.
  • The kitchen has a stone island and moderate wood cabinets with dark brown countertops. The cabin has two units of stairs, one spiral staircase off the kitchen and each other straight staircase off the dwelling room. We go up the straight stairs and flip desirable into a hallway .
  • "This is a shared bathroom. " William
  • "This will be my room in case you need me. "He factors to the one next to the bathroom.
  • "And this is your room. "
  • He stops at the ultimate room down the hallway. When he opens the door the scent of wooden and plant life fill my nose.
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