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Chapter 26

  • Smith Bridget Pov_
  • I tried to think of Deli as I saw her in the dream. I tried to think of the beautiful white wolf I saw in my dream. I tried shifting. But I just couldn't. The pain that followed my stubborn choice was unbearable.
  • I screamed out in pain and held my head. I could hear someone saying something faintly but didn't hear what he or she was saying. The next thing I saw was darkness. Did I pass out?
  • Williams Pov_
  • I rushed to Sandra as soon as she passed out on the bed. Why is she doing this to herself? She shouldn't try to force things. I held her hand and winced in pain. Her body is burning up with fever.
  • Her body even felt too hot to touch. I released her hand and rushed out. On my way out, I bumped into Stephanie. I held her hands and said,“Call the doctor. Something is wrong with Sandra.”
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