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Chapter 25

  • Sienna Pov_
  • “What!,” I said a little bit too loud. Dad frowned. He is annoyed with how loud I sound. I Immediately breath in trying to calm myself down from panicking.
  • “Dad, how can you say that!?,” I whisper yell to him. He grinned again and told me,“You don't have much time left. It's only a matter of time before they claim themselves. So it's better you act fast and do as I have instructed you to.”
  • “But dad! Don't you think that's a little too...,” I trailed off. I don't even know which word I should use to describe how I am feeling now. But in the end, I still told him,“Dad, getting pregnant is a little bit too much.”
  • Dad rubbed his face and looked at me. “I have been in this world longer than you have been. I have also been around the world. So I am talking from experience. Humans try this among themselves whenever they want to get a man to themselves.”
  • “Dad, are you forgetting something? We are not exactly human. It isn't guaranteed that it will work.”
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