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Chapter 12

  • Smith Bridget Pov_
  • “What!? Your food isn't that delicious. Sandra's dish smells nice,” she retorted and Williams laughed. I couldn't keep off the grin from my face as I looked at them.
  • They are so adorable and very different from the mates I am used to seeing in my former pack. Even father and mother used to behave so stiff with each other. No wonder, I never knew about anything like mates bond.
  • I looked at Williams and smiled widely this time. Is the electric spark I feel anytime I am close to him, around him or kissing him mates bond?
  • 'Hey Sandra... Why do you like panicking so much? I can feel you thinking again,' I heard Deli speak. I smiled and replied,'But this time, I'm not thinking of bad memories. I am thinking of this mate bond of a thing.'
  • Deli didn't reply but I could feel her relief. I stroked my chest area. Williams noticed that and walked towards me with a worried look.
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