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  • “Father,” Adalia smiled at him. She sat next to him on the bed and held onto his hand. “I don’t blame you. But I think that it would be best if I chose m own husband from now on.”
  • “You are my little diamond, you know that right?” His palm cupped her face and Adalia leaned into it. “I would never make a decision that would harm you.”
  • “I know daddy.”
  • “Your highness,” Adalia turned just in time to see Conan send a way a guard that she never knew had joined them. Conan’s brow drew together in a formidable frown, as his fingers curled around the hilt of his sword. “The rebels have formed a front line, just outside the palace walls.”
  • “And where is Xander? Adalia rose from the bed, and with three large strides she was at Conan’s side.
  • “He is with the palace guards. Apparently he is forming a defensive line,” Adalia could see the doubt and disbelief written on the seasoned warriors face. Something wasn’t right, Xander was up to something.
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