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  • He felt his body being pulled, but he didn’t know where to. He felt like he was in a daze and not completely in touch with his body. Archer opened his eyes and the sudden bright light was blinding, but all he could see were green leaves.
  • His eyes weren’t doing him that much good, so Archer relied on his ears. He couldn’t hear any voice that he recognized. But what made him even more scared was that he couldn’t hear Adalia’s voice. The last thing he heard was her begging him to breathe and at the time he couldn’t. But now he seemed to be able to. He didn’t understand. Was he dead?
  • It would explain the bright lights, the leafy green trees around him. But this couldn’t be heaven, his heaven was with Adalia. Archer tried to sit up but a hand forced him down. He saw something like a cloth cover his face. He tried to fight against it, but the darkness claimed him once more.
  • ***
  • Adalia stood at her bedroom window. She hadn’t left her room ever since she had returned. She wouldn’t see anyone and she wouldn’t let anyone in. Her room had gone weeks without seeing a single ray of sunlight or breathing in a single breath of air. She was just as dead as her heart was, just as dead as Archer was.
  • She looked out the window; the dark clouds had covered the moon. Just as it should have, she was in no mood for light, or anything that reminded her of Archer’s silver eyes. Adalia was angry at herself, at the gods and at him. He left her when he promised never to leave her side. Now she was alone in her grief, in her darkness and in her bottomless pit of heart ache. The air was cold, the mountains dark and the long blanket of fog seemed to cover more than just the ground. It had seeped into her soul, covering everything in a thick cloud of darkness.
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