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Chapter 9

  • I pounded on Kenneth's door frantically until he opened it with an annoyed expression. I just smiled sheepishly and threw my bag at him, preventing him from saying anything. He caught it before it could hit his face, his annoyance visibly growing.
  • I glanced over my shoulder, making sure there wasn't any car coming up from either side of the road. "My mother is bound to be here any minute now. If she asks you where I am, just tell her I headed out to buy something to eat, I don't know. Just make something up then text me once she's gone. I'll hide my baby in the meantime," I instructed.
  • He stared at me with a bored expression, the bag now thrown by the side of the door. He just sighed and nodded, waving a hand in a 'go away' motion, then closed the door.
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