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Chapter 43

  • I leaned against my bike with a blank face. The moon shone brightly above us, giving the field some light in the dark night. The grass was still high enough to tickle my ankles through the exposed skin of my fitted jeans. I had my hair up in a messy bun, and a leather jacket hugging the skin of my arms.
  • Chase was standing beside me, trying his best to cover up the anxiousness he felt. Lindsey and Wesley were standing at either side of us, and about eight of Wesley's men were leaning against their cars some feet behind. I glanced at my watch and noticed there were still two minutes for the watch to mark eleven o'clock.
  • Once the sound of revving engines was heard from a distance, I slowly interlaced my fingers with Chase's. He squeezed my hand slightly, probably to calm down the slight tremble threatening to take over his entire body.
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