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Chapter 30

  • After my little stunt of almost breaking Danielle's arm, Wesley had been keeping an extra eye on me whenever I trained with her or Kenneth. He knew about what happened between us, so he didn't completely blame me for it.
  • I did go a little overboard with that though, even I had to admit it. I wasn't exactly in the right state of mind at the moment, and their appearance didn't help with my anger at all.
  • The next day while training, I was a bit more relaxed. Almost breaking Danielle's arm helped me relieve some of that anger I had toward them. That didn't mean I was over what they did because I was certainly not. Danielle's excuse for what she did was irrational, which made me angrier at her. Luckily, I haven't lashed out at her, or Kenneth, in such a harsh way again.
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