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Brawl for Defense

Brawl for Defense

Katy Santiago

Update: 2021-10-11

Chapter 1

  • Waking up to an annoying alarm wasn't the best way to wake up at all. I was not a morning person, especially when it came to high school. Having to wake up early in the morning to go to a place where all you did was sit on a chair and listen to pointless lessons wasn't my way of going, but apparently, my mother didn't care about this as she pounded on my door.
  • "Amelia, get up! Your alarm went off three times already!" she shouted from the other side.
  • I rolled my eyes and stood up from the bed. One annoying alarm was enough, I didn't need a living one at my door as well. I called back to let her know that I was awake before walking to my closet. My eyes roamed through the variety of clothes, and I scrunched my nose up, feeling too lazy to actually pick something nice to wear. So instead, I made a beeline to my drawers and grabbed the first thing I saw.
  • I threw on some loose, black sweatpants and a simple white tank top, completing the look with my worn-out converse. Standing in front of the body-length mirror attached to the back of my door, I ran my fingers through my wavy blonde hair. Since I didn't have time to actually brush it, I picked up a black beanie from the carpeted floor and adjusted it over my head. Green eyes stared back at me through the reflection of the mirror, contrasting slightly against my pale skin as I reviewed my outfit. Meh, it's not like I really cared about how I looked anyway.
  • Grabbing my weightless bag from the floor, I made my way downstairs. My mother was sitting on the couch in the living room, her feet up on the coffee table while she eyed a magazine. Her gaze lifted to meet mine as she heard me approaching, her eyebrows knitting together in disapproval as she took in my outfit. Before she could make a comment on my choice of style, I picked up my headphones from the table in the dining room and made my way out. I never bothered saying goodbye, since I knew pretty well she would just throw a comment instead of actually bidding farewell.
  • I connected my headphones to my phone and listened to music as I walked to school. It wasn't too far of a walk, only fifteen minutes away. Even though I had my own baby inside the garage, I'd rather not show her off too much since it was just school, after all.
  • Once I stepped through the school gates, I received the typical stares I always got in this place. They tend to be annoying, sometimes, but I got used to ignoring them most of the time. Having a reputation as I did pretty much came with all the eyes included. It wasn't like I could really complain, though, I've brought this upon myself on my own free will.
  • Walking down the packed hallway, I neared my locker to find two very familiar figures already standing by it. Danielle noticed me first, her perfectly styled, brown hair cascading down her back in waves. She smiled at me as I stood by them, and her green eyes shone with amusement. I smirked at them, noticing how Kenneth was eyeing my outfit with a grin of his own.
  • "Lazy day, huh?" he spoke. "Didn't you have one last Friday?"
  • "Who cares? I dress up however I want, whenever I want." I chuckled and shoved them playfully away from my locker to open it. I eyed all the stuff I had, crafting a plan in my head carefully.
  • "Leave her be, Ken. You know how she is." Danielle giggled and reached up to ruffle his dark hair. He glared at her mockingly with his hazel eyes, slapping her hand away and fixing his hair. I ignored their playful banter and slung my bag off my shoulder, zipping it open to reveal a single spiral notebook and a small pencil case. From the corner of my eyes, I saw how Danielle wrapped an arm around Kenneth's waist and he leaned down to peck her cheek, causing me to fake a gag.
  • "Take it somewhere else, you two. I would really like to graduate without catching any cooties," I joked. They just rolled their eyes at me, and I just smirked. Finally, after deciding what to use, I began stuffing my bag with different things and materials. The couple just stared at me in curiosity, asking me a silent, yet obvious, question. Once I zipped my bag back up, I slung it over my shoulder and closed the locker, facing them with a mischievous smile. "It's been a while since I've had my fun with Mr. Orwell."
  • "Oh, not the calculus teacher again," Kenneth groaned while shaking his head slightly in amusement. "What are you doing to the poor man this time?"
  • "You will see." I winked and waved them goodbye as I retreated towards the classroom. When I reached the door, I glanced sideways to make sure no one was looking this way. Seeing as the coast was clear, I stepped inside the classroom and made my way to the teacher's desk. I glanced at the clock hanging by the wall quickly to see that I only had seven minutes until people started pooling in.
  • Emptying my bag, I grabbed a bottle of whipped cream, a dagger, a box of eggs, flour, a blow-dryer, a piece of cloth, and a thin string. Grabbing the dagger, I knelt in front of the teacher's chair and made a hole in the middle of it. I grabbed the bottle of whipped cream and gave it a good shake before opening it and placing it correctly inside the hole, then took a piece of the thin string and wrapped it around the bottle to make sure it stayed in place. Finally, I placed the piece of cloth and placed it gently on top of the hole to cover it.
  • Satisfied with the first step of my plan, I grabbed the box of eggs and made a small hole in it, tying another piece of string and cutting it long enough for it to reach the floor. Walking towards a nearby, steady chair, I dragged it and positioned it in front of the locker Mr. Orwell had behind his desk. Making sure that I placed the eggs where they needed to be, I jumped off the chair and placed it in its rightful place. Lastly, I grabbed the small bag of flour and poured some inside the blow-dryer, a wicked smile claiming my lips.
  • Students started filling the hallway just outside the classroom, and I wasted no time in plugging the blow-dryer in a nearby outlet and getting rid of the unnecessary things. When the door opened, I scurried over to the side of the locker to hide as best as possible. A pair of girls walked inside the classroom, chatting among themselves as they made their way to their seats. One of them caught my eye and furrowed her eyebrows at me, probably questioning why I was trying to hide. I glared at her warningly and brought my index finger to my lips, demanding her to stay silent.
  • She really shouldn't mess this plan up.
  • More people filled in the classroom and my heart rate increased in excitement and anxiety. The entire room was loud with chatter and laughter as students talked and bickered with one another. It wasn't until the teacher walked in and slammed his suitcase on top of the desk that the room went silent. I immediately searched for my phone inside my pocket and tapped on the camera, getting prepared for when everything unraveled.
  • "Good morning, students. Make sure to have your homework out for when I call your name. I will not be taking any excuses since you had an entire week to do it," Mr. Orwell said after the bell rang, earning groans and whines from most of the students. Once the teacher stood in front of his chair to sit down, I pressed the button in my camera to start recording. This is it!
  • I had to hold in my laughter once the faint sound of spraying was heard. People exchanged curious glances with each other, and I couldn't believe it took the teacher almost fifteen seconds to react.
  • "What the hell!" Mr. Orwell exclaimed while bolting up from his seat. His eyes immediately went to his backside to see it covered in whipped cream. His lips tugged down in a dissatisfied frown as he turned to the rest of the class. "Clark! Show your face this instant!"
  • I pulled on the string attached to the box of eggs right after those words left his mouth. A series of gasps filled the classroom the moment the first egg landed on his bald head. Some snickers were heard as the rest of the eggs crashed against his shoulders and all around his desk, creating a yolky mess. He stood there in shock, his gaze on the floor as the egg whites rolled down the front of his face and down his temple.
  • "I'm sorry, were you looking for me?" I asked innocently while stepping out of the hiding spot. Mr. Orwell turned around to look at me in a flash, his eyes wide with rage and irritation. I held the phone at a perfect angle before pressing a button on the blow-dryer, sending a cloud of flour flying in his direction. Whatever words were going to leave his mouth were cut short once the flour landed on his egg-covered face and clothes.
  • The class erupted in laughter as I made a run for it while grabbing my bag and unplugging the blow-dryer. I finished recording and hurriedly put the phone back inside my pocket while dashing through the door, certainly not missing his booming voice screaming my name.
  • Oh, boy. I sure as hell was in trouble.
  • I decided to walk around the empty halls mindlessly until the bell for the next period rang. Once the shrilling sound came, I rushed over to my locker to wait for my friends eagerly. They approached me soon enough, and I grabbed my phone and searched for the video. Before any of them could ask what happened, I shoved the phone into Danielle's hands and hit the play button. Kenneth was sheepishly looking at it over her shoulder, and soon enough, they were both doubling over in laughter.
  • "Poor man, this prank will haunt him forever." Danielle chuckled.
  • "That's what makes it worth it." I winked at her as we started making our way to history class. Judging by the way people threw me amused glances and were laughing at their phones, I could guess that word already spread around like wildfire. The three of us turned around a corner to get to the classroom, but I came to a sudden halt once my eyes landed on a person. I could feel the amusement of the prank quickly vanishing as I took in the scenery, my lips pressed in a thin line.
  • "Lily," Danielle started but trailed off.
  • "You go on ahead, you'll be late. Don't wait for me," I instructed. I felt a hand on my shoulder, making me turn my head to stare at Kenneth.
  • "Don't do anything stupid, Lily," he warned before taking Danielle's hand and leading her into the classroom just as the bell rang. I started making my way to the one person I despised, watching as he cornered a boy.
  • Gregory Austen. Famous for his good looks and soccer skills, but also famous for being the school's biggest bully.
  • I could only say that what was about to come next wasn't going to be pretty at all.