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Chapter 34 Chapter 33

  • The nights bled into days and she felt numb to everything around. Her mind was foggy and her body paralyzed. It might be due to the drugs they fed her every now and then or the fact that she surrendered to her fate finally. she has lost everything important to her, her only family, her lover, and the future she always dreamed of not the throne or being a great queen but the future she might had with her lion, children of their own, big loving family and long peaceful life in each other's arms. She groaned and tried to move her body but she couldn't, not because she was bound like a mare, no it was because her body refused to follow her command. She tried to at least open her eyes to get a glimpse of her whereabouts, yet again her body and mind denied her that simple act.
  • Someone approached her until she heard their certain footsteps. She stopped her futile efforts and concentrated on the voices. "I hate what we are doing here. This woman doesn't deserve that. And we will be cursed for treating our queen like this. ”One of them grumbled, then she heard him curse under his breath. “Shut the fuck up, you idiot. What would you do if anyone heard you? They will cut off our heads we worth nothing to them. We are lowly commoners who barely made it into the soldiers' status."
  • The other one huffed. “I didn’t take you as a coward, Adeben. We were
  • loyal to the late king, his ancestors, and his predecessor after him. He was a
  • just man who loved his people and you know the same as I, that the princess
  • didn’t kill her father. You know who the true murderer is. This usurper and his
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