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Chapter 31

  • He was confused when the goddess told him that he needed to go back to his realm because he will leave alone, she would stay here to finish this important meeting or assembly, and he didn’t concern himself with the right word form as much as how he would return alone.
  • Then what about Tiye? She would be still here with the goddess locked into her body, mind or whatever. But the goddess only laughed and kissed his lips when he confessed his worries as if they were silly childish talk and went back to sit in her golden dais beside her father or the great god Ra as every other deity called him.
  • The God who brought them was escorting him now, leading his way back silently, as if he didn’t exist. His wide, confident strides and agile movement were the only indication that he was actually there with him.
  • The male was magnificent in his own way, even though compared to other male gods from different pantheons. A new thing he had learned today. That was what they called themselves. He had a lithe body and softer features.
  • He knew that they have the ability to change their body built and such, but this one chose to be in his God-given shape. He chuckled to himself drawing his companion’s attention; he bowed his head apologetically. In return, the male smiled at him
  • “I’m glad that you don’t find my company boring or distasteful.”
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