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Chapter 24

  • The feat the prince did the day before brought him the king’s favor, and that’s why they were waiting on the dais next to his big throne. Or, to be more specific, Urmah was. She stood behind him as his esteemed guard; she didn’t mind this new elevation in status, but his two brothers have other thoughts.
  • Since showing today, they didn’t try to hide their hatred and distaste towards him. Even the fake greetings and pleasantries they usually used to offer are gone now.
  • The younger brother who used to be slimy and fake respecting them, today he looked as if a mask has fallen off his face and the true ugliness of his soul started to show and of course the king ignored everything and acted as normal enjoying the feud among his sons.
  • “Does coming here today be the right thing to do, princess? We are not welcome here and I’m afraid something bad would happen. We are in no need of any complication at the moment.”
  • Mandisa said under her breath, trying not to draw any unwanted attention to their conversation. Since this morning she was on edge even when she came to her tent earlier holding a cup filled with red ale celebrating her eighteenth name day.
  • As it’s the day of the goddess herself. They used to drink the pigmented drink as a way of showing respect and their gratitude to the mighty one. It brought sad memories to Tiye, but she did her best to ignore the sting of those feelings.
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