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Chapter 21

  • Urmah groaned and hid his face, trying to go back to sleep again. He felt exhausted and drained, body and soul, after last night’s events. He held the warm body that clung to his chest and inhaled deeply. The smell of fragrant oils surrounded him and eased his troubled mind.
  • He didn’t know what it was, but it reminded him of flowers. It was delicate and sweet, but sharp too. His hands moved to caress Tiye’s dark hair. He would identify this scent anywhere.
  • Remembering the other day what happened in the palace, then her reaction had troubled him, but what clenched his heart in a tight grip was when he found her on the tent floor in pain.
  • He felt his soul had been shattered and left his body. It was the first time in his life to be this scared; it was the first time he felt small and useless. Her pain hurt him as if it was his. He felt as if he was the one suffering. This female invoked those deep feelings inside him. She made him feel as if he was someone else.
  • Never in his entire life had he thought that he would want to be this close to a female and share his life with her to love and nourish. Yes, he has a duty. He must have an heir to his throne, but to him it was like a mundane work.
  • Something he was forced to do because he believed, no because he knew there is no such a thing as love. But Tiye made him change all of his beliefs in a few days after knowing her.
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