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Chapter 16

  • After two days of cooping in her tent up, Tiye decided to go out and face the new world she living in right now. She grieved for two days away from everyone. Prince Urmah and Mandisa gave her the space and time to process what happened to her father and its impact on her future.
  • Her life had changed forever. Yes, two days aren’t enough, but the truth is her whole life won’t be enough to mourn her loved one. She needs to set the road to her throne, especially now that she has a duty to her father and her people. She can’t let both of them down.
  • Even though the prince showed her good faith and offered to help her, still she doesn’t know what his other motives are. Why would he propose to be basically her sword and shield? The palace’s life taught her nothing comes for free, always there’s a price to pay.
  • Every man has his own type of greed. The question was, what’s prince Urmah’s price would be? But at the moment, she doesn’t have the privilege of choosing. All she can do is to go along with it and observe him. You can understand a lot about a man by watching him interact with his men. There are some things you can’t fake.
  • Mandisa entered the tent bringing the princess her first meal. “Good morning your highness, the prince has asked me to inform you that tomorrow we will resume the journey to Akkad.” She put the food tray in front of her and began to pour a cup of water.
  • “Why not today?” What is brewing inside his mind? She thought.
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