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Chapter 15

  • Adadanu drew nearer to his brother, fascinated by the spectacle in front of him. The two women worked as one, no they moved like dancers. Flawlessly without uttering a single word. The princess and her friend smoothly killed the six men.
  • He nudged his friend to get his attention, but he didn’t get a response from him. He kept watching as if he was under a spell, he smiled to himself. Enjoy yourself, at least for now, my friend. Then you will suffer, women like her won’t submit to a man easily.
  • Urmah felt his friend approach him, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of the small woman, princess Tiye. She was a sight to behold; her fierce expressions did nothing to hide her beauty. Her dark hair was wild framing her small face, her black eyes glowing within their depth.
  • Her red lips held a snarl that would scare the toughest of men, she shook was rage more than her little body can contain. She looked like a voracious animal that had him the urge to tame, his hands itched to touch her to see if her body ran hot as it looked, or all of this was just an illusion. Maybe his mind was deceiving him, because right there in front of him.
  • There was a female that looked like nothing he ever saw before, his blood stirred, heating through his veins. He wanted to grab her, bend her and rut her small curvy body like an animal. He wanted to feel her body beneath his, to hear her moans. To see how she comes undone by his hands. His breath hitched by the image his mind provided.
  • Yet again the scene changed drastically, that goddess of a woman fell to her knees sobbing, the anger that consumed her body turned into sorrow which had the same impact on its small figure. Her cries would haunt his mind forever, he understood the cause of this, but sadly he couldn’t relate.
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