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Chapter 158 Forgiveness

  • (Missamy POV's )
  • While I and my brother were eating vanilla ice cream. I saw a can intended for Bantay Bata (Bantay Bata, a charity group in the Philippines) I know that I still have coins inside my bag. I stare at my brother, he smile at me. Nod. He knows the meaning of how I look on that thing. I always drop a coin to every for charity can I am seeing everywhere. I am trying to look for coins inside my bag and... I saw something at the bottom of my notebooks… That's my scientific calculator!
  • "Bro!" my eyes widened trying to figure out that I wasn't mistaken. I showed it to my brother...he stared at me as well...
  • "Bro, I didn't really know that..." my classmate is really telling the truth that he returned it to me right after using it.  I feel ashamed of myself. My brother shook his head at me and smiled.
  • "Come here Missamy Charm." with his finger signaling me to keep my head closer to him. Then in an instant, he pokes my forehead. Ouch! That really hurts! He smiled at me and said. "You already know what to do when you go back to your school Missamy Charm."
  • A word of apology. Sorry.
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