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Chapter 11 TENTH

  • The elder seemed as if he was about to cry and Jungwoo was about to say something else to change the mood but he was taken aback when he was hugged tightly by the latter.
  • “Thank you Jungwoo. Thank you so, so much. You're really the best you know. The best dongsaeng I could ever have.” Taeil said while sniffing a little. He probably didn't notice that the younger had missed the honorific but the latter supported him from all his will and that's what all it mattered at that moment.
  • Jungwoo didn't say anything in return though. Too lost in Taeil's scent as their bodies were pressed against each other. It wasn't as if they were hugging for the first time. But to Jungwoo, it felt different. Powerful and passionate. Especially when he remembered their first kiss.
  • The thought turned Jungwoo on and he couldn't control himself anymore as he started sliding his hand under Taeil's shirt. But the elder pulled away immediately giggling in embarrassment.
  • “Thank you, once again. Now I think we should really get our lunch since we already lost quite a few minutes.” The latter pointed out and Jungwoo nodded as the other left the area.
  • Jungwoo started thinking if the elder noticed his little affection or not. But, either way, “Moon Taeil will be the death of me.”
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