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Update: 2022-04-11

Chapter 1 PROLOGUE

  • Kim Dongyoung was the best big brother anyone could ask for. Caring, responsible, understandable, supportive and appreciative. His only motive was to keep his little brother happy till his last breath even if he had to sacrifice his anything and everything to his little brother, Kim Jungwoo.
  • Even the love of his life, Moon Taeil.
  • ______
  • “Doie… I'll miss you soo… muchh!”
  • The other kid looked at the latter gleefully. “I'll miss you more Taeillie!” The elder child was at the verge of tears with a puffy pout on his face. “Is it necessary to go? Can't you stay with me? Illie will be so lonely if you are gone…” He exclaimed while sniffling.
  • The younger kid wiped the tears from the latter's face and nodded slowly with sad eyes. “But I promise you that I'll come back to you after I grow old and become a man like daddy.”
  • “Even if you won't come I will follow you and reach you and hug you tightly like this!” Little Taeil then hugged little Dongyoung tightly as if he'd leave him if he'd lose his grip. The younger kid smiled sweetly showing his bunny gums a little and wrapped his small arms around little Taeil protectively.
  • “And I'll protect you in my arms from the entire world always.”
  • Taeil giggled at the younger's action as he pulled away slowly. “Doie, you know? You are so cute, so handsome and so strong. Just like a charming prince.”
  • “Really?” Dongyoung asked surprisingly but sounding proud, of course. “Two hundred percent!” The elder said, showing his two little fingers.
  • “If I am prince charming, will you be my princess charming?” Dongyoung asked Taeil in a serious tone to which Taeil blushed but answered nonetheless. “Of course, I'll be your princess, my prince charming!” He then kissed the younger on the cheek and went redder as a tomato while hiding his face in his hands.
  • Dongyoung touched his cheek where he just was kissed and smiled at the feeling. “So, after we grow, will you marry me also?” He asked the elder and the latter looked at him straight in the eyes. “If that will make us stay together forever, then yes! I will marry you Doie!”
  • It was the younger kid's turn to hug the latter. “But Taeillie, I've one request. After marrying, can we let Jungwoo stay with us? He's my beloved brother! And I can't leave him alone. He'll be sad and I'll be dead!”
  • “Doie! Don't say things like that. Woo-ah is my little brother too. We all will live happily together!” Said Taeil as he held Dongyoung's hands in his, reassuring him.
  • The two children looked at each other with an unpredictable gaze in silence for a few moments.
  • “I love you Taeillie.” Dongyoung confessed slowly with his little pitchy voice.
  • “I love you too, Doie.”
  • Little Taeil and Dongyoung did not even realize that they were leaning in and were only mere inches away. Soon their little plumpy lips crashed on each other's and they stole and became each other's first kiss. As well as, each other's first love.