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Chapter 8 The Price

  • Aria pov
  • "Aria, what sort of question is are you asking? you are my best friend and I care about you. I know that right now you don't like seeing Jenny at the pack house but one day she is going to live here. You know that, it is something that have to happened eventually, there's no point hiding her away, people around the pack have started noticing that she's my mate."
  • I was no longer shock by alpha Bryant hurtful words anymore. It just pissed me off that he makes himself go and comes whenever he wanted to in my life. And when he was in front of me with his stupid apologies, they were nothing more but an insult to my face. He say he cares again and again but he still couldn't fake his emotions for me anymore now that his secret was out in the open.
  • "It's okay Bryant." I said with disdain all over my face. "I'm okay with everything that's happening, you don't have to be here, you don't have to explain yourself to me either."
  • "Aria." His gazes hold my eyes to his. The way he called my name remained of the same way he use to called my name back then when he told me that he loves me. "I know I can't be your happiness anymore but everything will change when you find your mate. He would make you as happy as Jenny had made me."
  • My happiness enh? I thought, I could still remember when he had promised to actually be the one for me. According to him he was going to be my happiness. He would be better than my mate, so that I won't ever choose my mate over him.
  • Bryant dreams came true. It was just sad that he didn't knew it, he worked so hard that he didn't even notice that I could never fall in love with any other man apart from him. No mate bond could change that for me. But I guess things was easy and different for him.
  • "Now you tell me that you can't be my happiness?!" I found myself yelling straight at him. "Why did you make all those promises to me back then?!"
  • Stop Aria, stop it, you don't want him or any other person in this house to see you like this.
  • "Why did you lie to me and gave me so much hopes and dreams with you?!" I couldn't stop myself, i wanted to but I couldn't. "You bastard of an alpha, now you stand here telling me that you can't be my happiness?!"
  • Bryant was quiet, he didn't know what to say, but there was shock all over his face, along with rage because I insulted him. His wolf love dominance, he didn't like to be insulted by anyone. His wolf love being the one to have all the power in the room. That had to be because alpha Bryant was the only child of Ben Wilder and Della wilder. He was well taken care of when he was small, it surprised me that he didn't turn into a spoil little brat like me.
  • "Aria I will..."
  • Run away from me like you always do, when you know that I am right.
  • "I will go away for now, talk to you later."
  • Exactly like I thought. He ran away, Bryant wasn't a spoil brat but he was an absolutely Jerk.
  • Slamming the door really hard immediately after Bryant took two step away from it, I rested my back on the door and slide it down till I was sitting down on the floor with tears in my eyes. When did my tears started? I didn't even know, I could only wish deep in my heart that he didn't see me cry.
  • If only I could easily hate him as much as I love him. I wanted to hate him but I couldn't, even though he betrayed me I still couldn't forget memories of us together. Maybe before I had slammed the door at his face I could have asked him how he was so heartless, how did he easily forget about us when I couldn't even though I was trying.
  • I turned my head around his room and smiled as I thought that I still had a piece of him with me in this room. A piece that love me. It was a piece that needed to get back to me. I can't let Jenny steal Bryant away from me. I didn't come to Dreamstake pack to leave like this.
  • What if there was still a way for the both of us to still be together? Bryant was the one that just didn't know it yet. And it was all because of Jenny, She was the one poisoning his mind, taking him away from me.
  • With a new found resolved I got up from the floor. Bryant just wasn't himself, i know he still cares more for me than he thinks he do. If not he wouldn't have remember the sort clothes I like to wear.
  • My eyes move over to the little bag in my hands.
  • I wouldn't give up just like that. I will find my Bryant again. If after all I have tried still doesn't work, I will understand that this is the life that he wants for himself and it was a life that didn't involve me.
  • If that is truly Bryant decision then I will move away from the pack and returned back to my old pack. I will cut off my ties with Bryant and everything that have to do with him. It would be hard but I needed to do it.
  • I lay on the bed still on beta Brian old clothes. "You can do this Aria." I told myself.
  • Axel, my elder brother was going to be so happy when he sees me home and find out that my relationship with Bryant was over.
  • Didn't sound so bad right?
  • Axel and my Dad were both going to angry about Bryant and my relationship. No alpha was ever going to be so quiet after his daughter humiliation. If I don't find a good way to settle things quietly, there was going to be a battle between my pack, moonlight pack, and Bryant Dreamstake pack. And the battle was going to be a bloody one.
  • This was the price of dating an alpha daughter you have promised to marry Bryant. but you are too foolish to realize your mistake.